5 best university April Fool’s pranks

5 best university April Fool’s pranks

While most people treat their time at university as their chance to prepare for adulthood, some prefer to act like big kids – so what better excuse to show your immature side than on April Fool’s Day?

Have a laugh at some of the best pranks ever to take place at a university, and make sure you don’t fall for any hoaxes this 1st April!

1.      University of Bristol students to take exams in Sainsbury’s. The university’s independent student newspaper, Epigram, ran a story informing Bristol students of new exam locations – with one place in particular being the local Sainsbury’s. Luckily the students saw the funny side, and were only slightly disappointed that they wouldn’t be within a short distance of food…

2.      “Hello? Is it a voice recognition door?” The University of Cambridge pulled a cracker by notifying students that they could open doors courtesy of a new voice recognition feature. Lecturers 1, students 0!

3.      Getting the royal treatment. After the discovery of Richard III in a Leicester car park, The Independent published a brilliant prank saying that The University of Leicester would be renamed to King Richard University. While everyone else laughed this hoax off, others fell for the story – including a leading South African news website..

4.      Take a punt at self-driving…punts? Thanks to technological advances of voice recognition (as ‘demonstrated’ by University of Cambridge), anything is possible – or is it? The University of Oxford had its fair share of fun after convincing the world that its world-famous punts would be the first ever ‘self-driving punts’. Despite many people falling for this, the story was posted the morning of 1 April 2015 – just in case people needed any clues as to whether or not this was a prank!

5.      University is an adventure…park. The University of Glasgow attracted a lot of attention after its spoof video showed a 500m-long helter-skelter within its grounds. Now that would be an interesting way of making sure students got into university on time!

Has your university pulled any April Fool stunts? Share your photos and videos on our Facebook page – and let our readers be the judge of whether or not your stories are real or in fact pranks!

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