5 of the most common university myths debunked

5 of the most common university myths debunked

When you prepare for university, you never know what to expect – which can be both exciting and terrifying. So how do you know what’s true, and what’s highly exaggerated?

Because university is a great experience and we don’t want you to be scared off, we’ve investigated the top university myths and found out the real deal:

1.      Every night is a party. While it’s true that every night there’s some type of social gathering going on, it doesn’t mean you have to attend. Don’t feel pressured by others to be a party animal, everyone has their own schedule - and if taking some downtime to Netflix-binge is an integral part of your schedule then it helps to stick to it.

2.      You’ll put on so much weight in your first year. If you’re thinking that university is all about takeaways and microwave meals, then think again – some people relish the chance to be experimental in the kitchen and create their own dishes. That said, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional Deliveroo (within moderation).

3.      You need to have loads of money to get through uni. Two words: student discount. If you’re smart with your money, it can really go a long way. Make sure to sign up for an NUS card where you can find great deals on entertainment, food, beauty and more (and you can never go wrong with bargain shopping at Poundland).       

4.      You can only get a job with the degree you’re studying. That’s strictly not true – take a look at most graduate job opportunities and you’ll notice many employers do not specify the degree needed. Additionally several degrees including transferable skills, while there’s also conversion courses available if people want to pursue law or even psychology.

5.      You don’t need to pass your first year. Though you only need 40% to pass, you still need to work towards getting that 40%. With university being a whole new way of learning, you’ll have to get used to new concepts such as independent research. Plus, would you really be satisfied with just a 40% when you could’ve scored a much higher mark?

Are there any other university myths you know of? Let us know what’s real – and what’s not - on our Facebook page today!   

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