Refer a Friend today

Student Roost 'Refer a Friend' Terms & Conditions

Refer a friend scheme

We’ve already created our flexible tenancies and flexible payment plans, now it’s time for flexible referring! So we’ve decided to do it slightly different this time, with our easy-peasy Refer a Friend scheme.

Tell a friend about Student Roost and you'll receive a voucher worth £150! Refer as many friends as possible and for every successful sign-up, you could be nesting on a fortune. You're eligible to Refer a Friend if you fit one of the following criteria:

• You're a customer who's rebooked with Student Roost

• You're a customer that has not rebooked with Student Roost

• You're new to our Roosts and will join us in September 2018

• You're not (unfortunately) a customer of Student Roost

Now that's all cleared up, get referring and ensure that your referee adds your name to their booking as the person that shared the news about Student Roost. 

Onto the specifics of the Refer a Friend scheme:   


·         RBK (Re-bookers): resident for 17-18, have already offered and accepted for 18-19

·         NR (Non-Returner): resident for 17-18, will not stay with us 18-19

·         NB (New Bookers): Are currently not living with us for the year of 17-18

·         NRS (Non-Resident): Those who are not our resident, but are promoting Student Roost 

·         SR (Super Recruiter): Those who have recruited over 20 new bookers for Student Roost, who then becomes eligible for £175 per person after the 20th

N.B. (Referral offers are to be received by the individual making the referral only and not the student booking with us. Unless the student has made referrals of their own)

Voucher types:


Airline, supermarket, retail, sports events, cinema, health/fitness, education, excursions, online retail e.g. Amazon.


Electronics, salons, restaurants.


Automobile-related, medically-related, weaponry related, alcohol related, extreme sports related, club/party related, home improvement, luxury products.

Refer a Friend types:

In-house rebooker

Use your referral to receive a voucher of your choice or rent off for year 2018/19.

Non-returners and new bookers

Use your referral to receive a voucher of your choice.

Become a super recruiter!

We hope you'll love Student Roost as much as we do and want to refer as many friends to live with us as possible. When you reach 20 successful referrals, we’ll even increase your reward from £150 to £175 per person!


Terms and conditions:  


Refer a friend scheme refers to the scheme of a referrer who has referred a person to live at any given Student Roost property. The referred must have fulfilled the following criteria of not having entered a tenancy agreement with any Student Roost property prior to the time of booking, or have been involved with any replacement tenancy agreement at Student Roost. The referrer can be anyone, excluding Student Roost/Derwent part-time and full-time employees (including student representatives, student ambassadors, interns and work placements), and anyone with a conflict of interest (e.g. immediate family of staff, staff of partnership company).

Since the act of referral builds on the foundation of trust, the referrer must have truthfully referred the person who is now in conjoint with the refer a friend scheme with them. If this is found to be untrue, one may be asked to reimburse Student Roost the Refer a Friend award within ten working days.

Refer a Friend scheme cannot be applied in conjunction with any other discount scheme, however it can be accumulated; Refer a Friend and Rebooker scheme may be applied and accumulated at the same time.

The following conditions must be met for a Refer a Friend scheme to be in effect:

1.      A declaration must be signed prior to the processing of refer a friend scheme by both the referral and/or referred person

2.      At the time of the booking:

A.    Online application: the referred must entered the full name, email, and phone number, and the current room number (if applicable) of the referral at the “Additional Request” field.

B.     In-person application: the CSA must assist and ensure that the referred have filled in the details at the required field.

3.      Disclaimer of confirmed payment must be signed also, when the award has been received/processed for the referrer.  

4.      If the referral person is not in the UK at the time of the referral, the declaration must be signed and scanned back to the property via e-mail within five working days after the decision period has expired; if circumstance prevails and scanning of the declaration is not possible, an e-mail must be sent to the property to explain the situation.

5.      If the referred person has decided to cancel the tenancy agreement, the referral person must return the refer a friend award to us within ten working days

6.      The voucher of your choice must comply with the given outline provided by Student Roost, and cannot in anyway violate UK laws.

7.      The referrer should receive the refer a friend award within 28 working days.

8.      Student Roost will endeavour to meet your choice of voucher, should the voucher be unavailable, Student Roost will gain your approval for a substitution voucher that is closest to the voucher of your choice

9.      If the conditions above is not met, the participant automatically forfeit their right to the award

10.  The property team shall record all relevant details electronically on a spreadsheet to ensure clarity and conciseness. All hard copies of the declaration will need to be retained for auditing purposes by the property team. 

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