Company Registration

These companies are registered to the following office registration address: 35 Great St Helen's, London, United Kingdom, EC3A 6AP

Student Roost PropertyRegistered Company NameCompany Number
Nottingham TwoPBSA Nottingham UK Limited08706238
Trinity SquarePBSA Trinity Square UK Limited08706209
Sheffield 2PBSA South Yorkshire UK 2 Limited09200188
Sheffield 3PBSA South Yorkshire UK Limited08706240
Snowdon HallPBSA Wrexham UK Limited09776797
St James' Point PBSA St James Point UK Limited10348100
St James' HousePBSA St James House UK Limited10348095
Mealmarket ExchangePBSA Mealmarket UK Limited10588194
Lady Nicolson Court PBSA Lady Nicholson UK Limited10588154
Panmure Court PBSA Panmure Court UK Limited10588519
Buchanan View PBSA Buchanan View UK Limited10588018
Myrtle Court PBSA Myrtle Court UK Limited10588509
The Railyard PBSA The Railyard UK Limited10588415
Gibson Street PBSA Gibson Street UK Limited10588619
Apollo Court PBSA Apollo Court UK Limited10588496
Capital Gate PBSA Capital Gate UK Limited10588153
The HeightsPBSA The Heights UK Limited10588147
Portsburgh Court PBSA Portsburgh Court UK Limited10588503
The Boulevard PBSA The Boulevard UK Limited10588146 
Swanston HousePBSA College Street UK Limited10878752
Great Patrick StreetPBSA Great Patrick Street UK Limited10387721
St Mungo'sPBSA St Mungo's UK Limited10348168
Pittodrie StreetPBSA Pittodrie Street UK Limited10951750
Newcastle 1PBSA Blandford Square UK Limited09328427
CornerhousePBSA Letting L.P.LP016076
John Bell HousePBSA Third Letting L.P.LP017524
Merchant StudiosPBSA Letting L.P.LP016076
St DavidsPBSA Letting L.P.LP016076
The Old Fire StationPBSA Letting L.P.LP016076
The TowpathPBSA Seventh Letting L.P.LP018232
TramwaysPBSA Letting L.P.LP016076
Vincent PlacePBSA Seventh Letting L.P.LP018232
HydrogenPBSA Hydrogen UK Limited11152379

These companies are registered to the following office registration address: 11 New Street, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2PF

Student Roost PropertyRegistered Company NameCompany Number
Byrom PointPBSA Third Property L.P.2220
Chapel HeightsPBSA Third Property L.P.2200
Home ParkPBSA Eighth Property L.P.2724
Laycock StudiosPBSA Seventh Property L.P.2353
The DepotPBSA Seventh Property L.P.2353
Dobbie's PointPBSA Seventh Property L.P.2353