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Tips for moving into your new home with Student Roost

Tips for moving into your new home with Student Roost

Moving to university is an exciting yet daunting time and you don’t want to forget anything. To help you with the transition, we’ve suggested a few tips below.

Few rooms remaining - book now!

We have a few rooms remaining at some of our properties across the UK. Book now to secure your Roost for 2018-19.

Introducing Student Roost’s new Semester Stays

We’re proud to unveil our new Semester Stays, now available in great rooms across a wide range of our properties in most major UK university cities.*

Worrying about student finance? We can help!

Struggling to manage your student finance? Don't worry we can help!

Glasgow's Freshers Festival 2018!

Come and join us at Glasgow's Freshers Festival

Offer: Stay at St Mungo's FREE for two nights

Up until 2nd September 2018 we are offering everybody with a place to study in higher education in Glasgow the chance to stay at St Mungo's free for two nights.

Keeping your skin healthy at uni

Some tips and tricks on how to keep your skin healthy by Dee from our head office!

5 reasons you should join a university society

Jess, one of our Property Managers in Liverpool, explains why she encourages all her students to join a society while they’re studying at University.

Discovering Your City. Beat by Beat.

Gregg from our head office gives his tips on how to discover the music scene in your city

How to become Bread Royalty

Phil AKA The Bread King explains why you need a bread maker in your life!

Budget birthday ideas to celebrate at university

Want to keep costs low but spirits high? Host your own party on a shoestring budget!

Top quirky traditions from universities around the world

Having a howler at university? It's probably a tradition you've yet to find out!

Top 5 reasons to stay for summer

Check out our helpful infographic on the top 5 reasons you should stay over summer

How to make money from unwanted junk

Pocket some extra cash by selling unwanted extras!

7 thoughts students have when they finish uni for the year

Home time for the holidays! What are your plans for this summer?

Extra time at university? Try a new hobby

If you've got some spare time on your hands, why not make something spare with your hands?

Understanding university slang: a guide to jargon busting

Test your student lingo out - but make sure you don't get a Quayle!

Fresher’s flu? Find out the most common student illnesses

Has university left you feeling under the weather? You may have a student illness

20 household products you can make yourself

Looking for a new DIY project? Try making your own household products!

6 ways to keep fit for free

Losing the battle against exercise? We show you how you can fight fit - for free!

5 clever ways to (legally) get free food

Cupboards looking a bit bare? Don't despair - we show you the best tips to get free food!

8 best online tools to stop you from being distracted

Do you find yourself easily distracted when you're meant to be studying? Check out these online tools to help you stay focused

8 of the strangest things to happen during a university lecture

University lectures can range from the truly boring to the oddly strange...

5 best university April Fool’s pranks

Happy 1st April! Only a fool would fall for these pranks

Things to do on Easter weekend 2018 in your university hometown

Spending Easter at university? Entertain yourself with these great activities

House vs Roost

Check out our helpful infographic that weighs up the pros and cons between living in a house and living in a Roost (hint: by the time you’ve read it, you’ll want to live in a Roost).

How to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2018

Enjoy the luck of the Irish and join in this year's St Parick's Day celebrations!

5 of the most common university myths debunked

Strange but true? Find out what is fact and fiction about university life

11 excuses used by university students to miss a lecture

Thinking of lying to get out of a lecture? After hearing these excuses, you may want to think again.

6 common arguments and how to resolve them

Arguing over who hasn't done the washing up - again? Student Roost is here to help.

Chinese New Year 2018: How to celebrate the year of the dog

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Student Roost this 2018!

Valentine’s day for one? What to do if you’re a single student

Who needs stupid Cupid this Valentine's Day? This February 14th, it's all about you!

The weirdest student requests revealed

Do your student digs require a mirror-filled bedroom? Check out some of the strangest student accommodation requests ever made.

6 best part-time jobs for university students

Has university life left you out of pocket? Make some extra money with a part time job today.

Quiz: what type of student housemate are you?

Are you a dream housemate or a nightmare to live with? Take the Student Roost quiz today!

7 reasons living at university is better than living at home

Excited about making the leap into university life? Find out what students have to look forward to when they live at university.

8 New Year’s resolutions most likely to fail

New year, Find out which New Year's resolutions are worth making - and keeping.

Are you staying at university over Christmas?

Staying at university over Christmas? Check out these five fun activities to get you into the festive season.

Choosing your student accommodation

From ensuite to studio and apartment accommodation, there's so much choice on the market. Let us help with your decision.

What's it like to live in a Student Roost?

Keen to enjoy safe and friendly accommodation? Book your Student Roost property now.

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