Worrying about student finance? We can help!

Worrying about student finance? We can help!

We’re proud our students only pay rent after their loan has landed 

There’s no question about it, money is one of the main things on a student’s mind when they start at uni. 

In fact, for many heading to university for the first time, the cost of living will feature in their decision making not just about how they to get off on the right financial foot but even about where they study in the first place. 

That’s why we want to help make the journey as easy – and enjoyable as possible – and are proud to be the first and only major private student accommodation provider where rent is taken only AFTER the loan has landed in bank accounts.

This is usually around about the time term starts and it brings us in line with how the universities traditionally accept payments. 

It means students can feel confident that the money is in and they can relax into their new environment without the stress of having to pay upfront – which is often a major burden on families. 

Our CEO, Nathan Goddard, said: “All students should be able to make the best choices for their personal circumstances. 

“For some people they wish to remain at home during their student years. But, for others, they are compelled to narrow their choices because of financial hurdles that cause problems from the start of their university experience. 

“Our hope is that by meeting student’s concerns about the cost of living with action, we will help transform these choices and make university life easier and more accessible for all.” 

And we couldn’t agree more! So, students don’t have to pay anything until October 1st and we also provide flexible payment plans to provide peace of mind – which, of course, increases space for studying – and not in any way enjoying happy hour even more! 

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