20 household products you can make yourself

20 household products you can make yourself

Food, cosmetics, clothes – in addition to university fees, these expenses all add up to quite significant costs. But just as we told you last week six ways you can keep fit for free, we’ve also found a solution to help keep costs down: making household products from scratch.

So if you’ve been looking for a DIY project that’s both fun and functional, roll up your sleeves and get ready to put the 'spring' into spring cleaning!

1.      Glass cleaner. Forget Windex – mix surgical spirit, water and white vinegar for your glass cleaning solution.

2.      Shaving cream. Go au naturel with olive oil, shea butter, 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and coconut oil. Learn how to make it here.

3.      Body wash. Time for some more oils: this time in the form of coconut, citrus and eucalyptus, then adding liquid castile soap and raw honey. Instructions can be found here.

4.      Deodorant. Staple ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils are your friends when it comes to DIY household products, which in addition to arrowroot powder and baking soda can go towards making your own deodorant.

5.      Washing powder. DIY detergents can be made with just a handful of ingredients – instructions here

6.      Lip balm. Want to make long-lasting (for up to two years) lip balm? Instructions to make your own organic lip balm are over on this website.

7.      Shampoo and conditioner. Make your own hair care products in a matter of minutes – guide to ingredients and recipe here.

8.      Jewellery cleaner. With different elements composing different jewellery, find the right DIY solution with these recipes.

9.      Toothpaste. Get the instructions here.

10.      Bath bombs. Made famous by LUSH, see how you can recreate your own here.

11.      Homemade Febreze. Make your own Febreze for less than 15p a bottle with these instructions.

12.      Make your own mouthwash. We have not one, but 10 recipes right here.

13.      Hand cream. There’s five different recipes to choose from – take your pick here.

14.      Furniture polish. Fight dust with your homemade furniture polish recipe.

15.      Air fresheners. Choose from 14 different scents here.

16.      Washing up liquid. Go back to nature with this natural solution.

17.      Carpet stain remover. Just add a little hydrogen peroxide to a wet cloth, and say goodbye to stains (and expensive carpet stain removers).

18.      Save on sunscreen. Worried about harmful chemicals? Keep it organic with this homemade sunscreen recipe.

19.      Bug spray. Tell bugs to bug off with this guide to a homemade spray.

20.      Hairspray. Enjoy a fruity hairspray with this recipe

Got any thrifty tips you’d care to share? Post videos and photos of your suggestions on our Facebook page now! 

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