How to make money from unwanted junk

How to make money from unwanted junk

From the numerous goodie bags collected from student fairs to the, um, questionable fashion trends accumulated during your time at university, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pack everything in when you go home for the holidays.

Thankfully there’s a solution – instead of binning the things you don’t need, you could make some extra cash by selling them on. Find out how easy it is to sell your unwanted junk, along with making some treasure on the side:

1.      eBay. While many of you have probably bought from eBay, how many of you have actually sold anything on here? With various categories to help you assign your item’s exact labels, you can also get an idea on how best to sell your item simply by looking at other similar items up for sale. Depending on your item, you may be required to add either an insertion or final value fee – but it’s up to you whether you want people to bid for your item (which could give you a higher price in the long run) or you want to have a quick sale (in which case a fixed price might be best).

2.      Gumtree. For many people, eBay is preferred due to its national reach – but this often results in having to pay for postage fees. If you’d rather have someone collect your unwanted item, Gumtree allows you to sell on a more local basis – so you can narrow it down to your hometown. But make sure to meet with the buyer in person beforehand and that you get their money before you part with your possession.  

3.      Mobile recycling sites. Got a mobile phone upgrade but not sure what to do with your old phone? Pay a visit to a mobile phone recycling site and get cash for your phone. There’s several to choose from, so you can take your pick of how much you want to be compensated. For more information, head to Money Saving Expert.

4.      Car boot sale. If you haven’t got time to get rid of your goods one by one, then try to sell them all in one go via a car boot sale. OK, so you may have to clear your diary and have your Sunday morning free (as well as pay for a small fee to have your slot) but you’d be surprised by how much of a fortune your items could fetch you!

Which items have you recently parted ways with and how did you get rid of them? Help your fellow students in your nearby roosts out by sharing your advice on our Facebook page today.



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