8 of the strangest things to happen during a university lecture

8 of the strangest things to happen during a university lecture

At university, you probably think you’ve seen it all – from random attires to people's sometimes weird eating habits, there's nothing you haven't seen already.

But surprises usually happen in the last place you’d expect – so join us as we celebrate and squirm through some of the strangest occurrences ever to take place during a university lecture:

1.      “There was one guy who always fell asleep during a lecture, but had an alarm on his watch that would buzz him awake five minutes before the end. Our lecturer got so fed up with his behaviour that he took our class out for cocktails, so when the guy woke up not only was he alone, he’d also missed a great happy hour with our lecturer.”

2.      “A girl once hid her pet rat in her scarf. It was both cute and creepy.”

3.      “We were in class when someone dressed as a snowman burst in gasping for breath, grabs a test from the lecturer, then writes their answers in a rush. Turns out some guy went out the night before for a Christmas party, but had overslept and with no time to get changed took a chance and did their test still in fancy dress.”

4.      “It was the end of class and as we were handing in our assignments, I noticed one girl look quite pale and take her time walking to the desk to give her essay to our lecturer. She had accidentally stapled her paper to her hand, and nearly passed out during the lecture due to freaking out for a good hour.”   

5.      “One girl was always listening to music during the lecture, and with our lecturer fed up of having to tell her off by talking louder to get her attention, he just mouthed stuff to her instead. The whole class cottoned on and we all mouthed to one another, and even when she took her earphones out and talked normally, she began to panic thinking she couldn’t hear us and quickly ran to A&E!”

6.      “Someone brought their hamster to class – in a Happy Meal box. Don’t worry, it was alive.”

7.      “Our lecturer dimmed the lights once while we did a test, then when we finished and the lights went back on, he suddenly went from having a full beard to being clean-shaven. Even changed his shirt.”

8.      “We heard a really creepy baby’s cry in the middle of class that got louder and louder. The lecturer apologised, he said he had just had a baby and saved his son’s cry as his ringtone.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve experienced in the middle of a lecture? Pop over to our Facebook page and let us know – bonus points if you share pictures too!

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